Along the Hazelwood Nature Trail in November…

The Hazelwood Nature Trail is a gentle one-mile loop in Giant Forest, just east of the Giant Forest Museum. Look for a small parking area on the right, after passing the museum going east. The trail starts to the left of a small meadow, surrounded by several mature Giant Sequoia trees, pines and firs, along with small, gentle creek beds.

[all photos © Elsah Cort, taken in November of 2014]

photo © Elsah Cort

photo © Elsah Cort

There are several fallen trees along this trail.

photo © Elsah Cort
photo © Elsah Cort

Late fall is a wonderful time to see (and small) the forest floor strewn with leaves…

photo © Elsah Cort

Contributor: Elsah Cort of Cort Cottage Bed and Breakfast

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