100 years for the historic Kaweah Post Office

Update as of May 27, 2010: Apparently mail will still be delivered to the boxes at the Kaweah Post Office after May 31. But, the last day to send any outgoing mail from the small historic structure will be tomorrow. Read article in the Visalia Time Delta

The Kaweah Postal Service will celebrate its 100th birthday on May 17, 2010.
It has been known as the smallest post office in the country that was still operational.
The US Postal Service will close the Kaweah Post Office at the end of this month.
Read about the History of the Kaweah Colonists who built the it in 1910.

From the Kaweah CommonwealthIn 1886, the Kaweah Colony was established as a tent camp at Advance on the North Fork. The utopian socialists began to attract attention, both locally and nationwide, with the building of a road to access timber claims in the Giant Forest. On May 17, 1890, an application for the Kaweah Post Office at Advance was granted. In 1910, the current 10-by-12-foot structure was constructed with a materials cost of about $15 and was moved several times to accommodate its patrons. In 1926, the post office was moved to its present location on North Fork Drive. On Oct. 24, 1948, it was designated a State Historic Landmark.

Read article in the May 14 edition of the Kaweah Commonwealth….

The Kaweah Post Office is located at 43795 North Fork Drive in Three Rivers. See map.

photo source: www.panoramio.com

photo source: historicphotoarchive.com

photo source: www.flickr.com

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