National Park Service Night Sky Team

It is so important for Three Rivers, and other foothill residents, to be sensitive about keeping the night sky dark. Please don’t put up bright lights that stay on all night. Use motion sensors so that lights are on only when needed! Be aware of the privilege we have been given to live in a place where we can see the Milky Way and all those beautiful stars for wishing.

Several years ago, Los Angeles had a blackout and residents could see the night sky for the very first time.  There was an avalanche of calls made to 911 with people reporting UFO’s and expressing great fear about all the lights in the sky!

What are Lightscapes? Read more here….

Did you know? Two–thirds of Americans cannot see the Milky Way from their backyard, and 99% of the population live in an area that scientists consider light polluted. The rate at which light pollution is increasing will leave almost no dark skies in the contiguous US by 2025.


A Dark Sky Over Sequoia National Park
[360 panoramic skyview from Mount Whitney, Summer 2009]
D. Duriscoe, C. Duriscoe, R. Pilewski, & L. Pilewski,
US National Park Service Night Sky Program

from the NPS website….about the Night Sky Team

The NPS Night Sky Team was formed in 1999 to address increasing alarm over the loss of night sky quality throughout the network of national parks; the team set out to quantify light pollution at four California parks.

To accomplish this, the team developed instrumentation and methods for measuring the brightness of the night sky and identifying light pollution sources.  Data inventories have now been collected at a number of NPS units. Team members often work closely with park staff who have taken initiative in protecting natural lightscapes. Though originally focused on the human visual perception of the night sky, capabilities have been broadened to include artificial light impacts to wildlife, cultural resource issues, facility lighting, and night sky interpretation.


See these lovely constellation art pieces…
night sky art
by Brooklyn artist, Jessica Marquez


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