In your own words…

Many people visit Sequoia National Park every day from every part of the world.
Are you one of them? We’d love to hear your stories.

Some visitors write about their Park adventures online, sharing their travel stories on blogs and twitter. A blog (like this one) is a great way to journal and record your travels.

Here is a sample of recent postings….


from Randy Orrison from Keswick, England on his blog
Started around the Big Trees Trail, but turned back after seeing two bear cubs on the trail (but where was their mother?) Drove to General Sherman car park and walked down to see the largest tree in the world…Hiked up Moro Rock, drove through Tunnel Tree, and then Helen and I walked to Crescent Meadow with thunder rumbling. Saw another bear, and carried on to Tharpe Log, the summer home of Hale Tharpe, the discoverer of Giant Forest, from 1861 to 1890.

canopyfrom Andy Jarosz from St. Albans, England on his blog
The sheer size of these ancient giants was stunning. Healthy, growing trees that shot hundreds of feet upwards and created their own canopy in places. Some were upturned and had been carved into a road tunnel; others resembled hollowed chimneys, where lightning had destroyed their structure.

P1020339from Dan Wallach’s trip to Sequoia Park see more
With a weekend off during our Defense Science Study Group trip, Clancy and I resolved to go hiking, so we spent two days in Sequoia National Park (wherein I managed to get altitude sickness at 9000 ft.)

2 Replies to “In your own words…”

  1. Very true – and true of pretty much all European “discoveries” made in the U.S. It’s sad to think that many National Parks, intended to preserve natural beauty, are as a side-effect preventing people from living in their ancestral homes.

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