Tree Dance

Visiting the Park at this time of year offers a special experience.  Few visitors come now, so you have Giant Forest almost to yourself.  It has always been a mystery to me about why everyone seems to come at the same time to see the trees.  Wonder if the trees are lonely without us right about now?  Or are we just missing something wonderful by not hanging out with some very big friends?

Great source for where to stay in Three Rivers can be found here.

photo by Phil Haack from his blog


PS: tomorrow is the Holiday Bazaar in Three Rivers
from 9-4 at the Memorial Bldg.
Enjoy local creativity, from home jams to birdhouses and wreaths.
Don’t forget to sample the great cinnamon rolls!

It takes a village…

The blog plan is to share stories about what it means to live, work and play in Three Rivers.  This could include stories from both residents and visitors.  Nature would have a lot to say if it actually used words for story-telling. What’s your life like here?

driving home to Three Rivers on the Woodlake road
driving home to Three Rivers on the Woodlake road